What did you want to become?

Posted January 27, 2007 by Jo.ana
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We talk a lot. We dream a lot. We remember a lot. And it was while remembering that I saw myself telling him about what I was used to dream before I was a grown-up. I never thought about this. It’s good to smile like this:

First I wanted to become a ballerina… Then influenced by a movie I wanted a Clyde so I could be Bonnie… Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle, on a Christmas afternoon I wanted to be an Olympic athlete and I thought I could start immediately in the living-room by doing somersaults on air… Consequences: an aquired brain injury and frightened parents.

But all these years I played a lot of being a teacher.

Then after opening a door on the side of my way I started to think that I wanted to be an actress. After, temporally, being it and seeing photos published in newspapers I closed that same door behind me and came back to what ever it is in my destine.

I was a teacher, but I kept on dreaming…

Now I’m in love with art, I have the attraction for danger (at least emotionally), I’m a bit crazy (after all I actually hit with my head), I have the power of lying and be who I am not (though I chose to not do it so I don’t lose myself) and forever (I think) books.

– Carlo, now it’s your turn…

Tripeiro dreams a lot, but not too much about what I wanna be when I grow up.
Altough, I remember one or two things that made me dream for some time.

– when on Primary School, I dreamed about being an Architect (when I got to secondary school, the Math’s teacher brought me back to reality…);
– some time later, “an adventure in the desert” made me believe that Sahara was right there and I could join the Touaregs and be a nomad all my life;
– Family reality brought me back to Earth and during high school I found out another dream: I want to be a journalist!
– I got my university degree and I really believe that my way was found, until I started working here and there and got the biggest disappointment of my life;
– Like her, I dreamed with a stage, but the stage-frighten made me turn my back to representation;
– The I became one emigrant more and until today I still believe that one day my tax form will say “Artist” – writer or photographer, one will be!

But there’s still a long way until I grow up, so I’m not that worried (cof, cof…)

p.s.: I remember that when I was a kid, I liked to play doctors, but I never felt it as a vocation (it’s more like a hobby…)

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Sexy or not

Posted January 20, 2007 by Tripeiro de Roterdão
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On the way to lunch, passing by a dutch girl that really made an impression (on the negative way, out of the way she was dressing), I started a discussion with her about what’s sexy or not.

I started criticizing women, of course.

She threw her arguments at men.

Because the sandwich was finished, we decided to look for more points of view.

Here are ours. Tell us about yours…

Not sexy at all (women)

– Rainbow make-up;
– Hair not brushed or combed;
– Bitten nails or doing it in public;
– Bad breath;
– Not showering;
– Speaking loud;
– Authority behavior;
– Trying to be someone else;
– Too many rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets;
– Confusing feminine with cheap;
– Not assuming the age;
– Only knowing the world around by what happens on Oprah;
– Taking advice from Dr. Phil;
– Eating like a bird;
– Drinking like a man;

Sexy (women)

– Attitude;
– Education;
– Politeness;
– Not trying to be “as men”;
– Smiling to a compliment;
– Seduce and being seduced;
– Keeping some private gardens, private;
– Respect and being respected;
– Having own dreams;
– Rejecting to be a sheep;
– Not assuming that “men are all the same”;
– Make a man laugh;

Now it’s my turn 😉

This list is based on my personal experience, talking with other women or listening them in the train and by observing men behavior.
I have to admit that it was much more easier to write not sexy than sexy. Actually in the original list I came up with 27 not sexy characteristics against 11 sexy characteristics. For obvious reasons I can’t publish all of them… Though 27 against 11 makes us think, huh? What does this mean? 😀

Not sexy

– Men who treat women like if we wouldn’t have a brain, personality or free will

– AXE a reason to run… to run as farther as you can

– men who pick their nose and any other of physical behavior in public. To this I add spiting or wetting their fingers to change a page of the newspaper or book.
– men who you have to open the door for and/or slam the door in your face. At least HOLD IT behind you!!!!!!!
– fashion: pointy shoes, jackets/sweaters with pink/orange or what ever color in the back, jeans with shiny or not shiny things (I don’t even know how to call it) and please stop with the white socks!!!!!!!!
– compare women with other women in front of women
– men who only talk about themselves and their life, and their ex (wives, girlfriend, boyfriend – you pick) and their jobs, and their friends, and their team, and their… and their… and their… and bla bla bla…
– men who instead of muscles have air bags…


– Strong personality, knows how to dress and knows how to seduce the the nose of women

– he actually remembers and listens what you say, asks about you, shows interest and knows how to make you smile and laugh

– knows how to dance or at least knows how to move
– looks at you like you’re the only one in the room and if you’re alone looks at you like you’re the only one he could be with in the whole world

– can actually discuss a few subjects giving his opinion and presents good arguments to justify his opinions
– men who knows how to touch a woman (a simple touch in the arm, waist, hand or knee) without invading you
– flowers are not only romantic, can also be very sexy
– a man who knows how to cook. Forget the frozen pizza, ok??????

Yeap! It might suck but believe me it turns us on at least some of us! 😉 hahahahahahhahaha

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They’re Back!

Posted January 19, 2007 by Jo.ana
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soon in a computer near you…

A propósito…

Posted December 13, 2006 by Tripeiro de Roterdão
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e COMPLETAMENTE A FAVOR da despenalizaçao deste!

(mais uma do tripeiro dirao alguns…)

– nao me chateiem mais com o assunto, digo eu!

Pst! yo! ‘tás aí?

Posted December 13, 2006 by Jo.ana
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Vizinho, cumo é?!

Tá tudo máior???? Já taba na alturinha de postarmos qualquer coisinha não????

Cunfesso que já tive alguma dificuldade em lembrar a password para entrar! 😛

‘Tamus muito mortinhos, a ver se o pessoal começa a ginasticar que isto assim num tá cum nada! 🙂

Civil war? Where?

Posted December 3, 2006 by Jo.ana
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pois, pois… (corrigido)

Posted November 28, 2006 by Tripeiro de Roterdão
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contra factos…